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"A Desire Path is created when a animal or human chooses a path they desire to take instead of the one laid out for them."

Our dog walking routes take us across Poole and the surrounding areas' beautiful landscapes. Below you will find our current routes and which ones we recommend for different types of dogs. 



A perfect year-round location for dog walking in Poole with a designated dog-friendly beach, Sandbanks has the added benefit of keeping those paws free from mud!



With its large fields and generous open spaces, Whitecliff is a great place to let your dog not only take in the fresh sea air and have a good run around, it’s also a great socialising post, hosting many other dogs and their owners.


Canford Cliffs

With varying terrain, the area of Canford Cliffs is ideal for an energetic dog with slopes and steps leading to miles of beach.

Woodland Path


Offering fresh air and plenty of woodland, your dog can let their explorative nature run free in this local favourite.



Parkstone and Lower Parkstone is blessed with a number of greens, commons and recreational grounds which offer alternative surroundings a little more off the beaten path compared to the trails above, which keeps things fresh for the dogs and their tendency to want to explore.

... and other surrounding areas.


With experience, dog safe harnesses and a pocket full of treats, Tails and Trail Poole are your dog's new best friend. Use the form to start making paw prints with us today.

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