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Our Services

We take the safety of your dog very seriously, which is why our van and business premises are fitted with state-of-the-art security and safes


We are fully qualified, insured and approved to walk your prized pup.

- Free face-to-face consultation to meet you and your dog and discuss appropriate needs

- Collection of your dog from your own home, at an agreed time

- Safe and comfortable transport in our specially equipped van, which is regularly serviced and immaculately maintained

- Private message on pick-up and drop-off

- Tailored walks to suit your dog’s needs depending on size, age and behaviour

- Dog blogs: Increase your knowledge by following our Dog Blog for tips and advice to help you and your dog get the best from each other

- Dog sitting, available on request





  • 1 hour walk whilst socialising with up to four other dogs

  • Off leash walk (good recall necessary)

  • Messages to confirm pick up and drop off





  • Suitable for dogs with behavioural challenges or anxiety

  • 1 hour walk 1:1

  • Off leash walk if appropriate (good recall necessary)

  • Messages to confirm pick up and drop off





  • Suitable for growing puppies

  • 30 minute walk with up to four other dogs

  • On leash and off leash walks available

  • Messages to confirm pick up and drop off


With experience, dog safe harnesses and a pocket full of treats, Tails and Trail Poole are your dog's new best friend. Use the form to start making paw prints with us today.

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